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High security bolt seal

High security bolt seal

High security Bolt seals

Competitive quality and best price and large capacity.

The high security bolt seal is an ISO / PAS 17712 compliant high security seal. Serial numbers printed on both bady and bolt for higher security. Suitable for all kinds of containers, truck and so on.  the tensile strength reaches 19000N, which is far above ISO/PAS17712 standard.

High Security Seal B-108
Main applications: Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.


Material: Steel pin and barrel both covered with ABS plastic, Clear PC Casing.

Strength: More than 1500kgs pull load

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Printing/Marking: Engraving or laser marking company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.

Packaging: Standard Packaging: TBA

Carton Size: TBA

Carton Weight: Gross: TBA