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metal bellows mechanical seal

metal bellows mechanical seal

Metal bellows mechanical seals feature a bellows core made of one of several types of bellows.  The most common are AM350 and  Hastelloy C.Usually with Stainless Steel end fittings permits these mechanical seals to be used for services beyond the range of mechanical seals with synthetic rubber sealing members.
Metal bellows mechanical seals are also made into single and double cartridge configurations.

Main applications: Containers, Trucks, Doors and others.
Material: Plated tin strip.
Strength: More than 50kgs pull load
Colors: Original
Printing/Marking: Embossing or laser marking company logo/name, series numbers。
Packaging: Standard Packaging: 1000pcs/Carton
Carton Size: 9.85" X 8.67" X 11" (25cm X 22cm X 28cm)
Carton Weight: Gross: 6.5 kg
Design Features:
1.Wide service range from cryogenics to heat transfer liquids and corrosive chemicals.
2.Long service life—only one moving part.
3.Flexible bellows construction eliminates seal hang-up due to solids or dirt in pumpage.
4.Metal sealing wedge eliminates temperature restrictions of elastomers or plastics.
5.Built-in hydraulic balance eliminates step in shaft or sleeve*.
6.Available for either inside or outside mounting.
7.Stabilizer tabs prevent possible damage due to vibration and excessive shaft run-out.