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Bolt Lock Seals

Bolt Lock Seals

bolt lock seals
Some refrigerated containers have closure rings in the bottom part of the central bar, in the ground hooking Container seals: security seals bolt lock type. Sealing devices policarbonated body and metallic bolt.
Dead bolt locks are separate from the locking mechanism found in most door knobs. A deadbolt is often activated by turning a separate knob or using a key. When you operate a deadbolt a solid steel latch - often one inch long - exits the edge of the door and passes into the door jamb. These locks - as you might expect - come in many different styles and levels of quality. Keep in mind that the best deadbolt lock will not stop a determined burglar, but will in almost all cases thwart an amateur.

Main applications: All kinds of containers, container trucks, tank containers
Certificate: ISO/PAS17712.
Material: Lock body: ABS plastic
Perch: low carbon steel, galvanized
Strength: More than 30kgs pull load
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
Printing/Marking: Thermal stamping or laser printing company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.
Packaging: Standard Packaging: 100Pieces/Bag 5Bags/Carton
Carton Size: 12.8" X 8.27" X 8.47" (32.5cm X 21cm X 21.5cm)
Carton Weight: Gross: 4.5 kg