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high security trailer seals

high security trailer seals

If you do not have a cement area already, The high security trailer seals can be shipped to you with special "J" bolts to sink into wet concrete.See how easy it is by stepping through our Directions for pouring a new concrete base.
We e-Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. (previous name Wenzhou e-Sun Container Accessories Co., Ltd) are one professional supplier of high security seals in China since 2003.

Product Name:High Security Seal B-105
Main applications: Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.
Material:Steel pin and barrel´╝îbarrel covered with ABS plastic.
Strength:More than 1500kgs pull load
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
Printing/Marking:Engraving or laser marking company logo/name, series numbers,
Packaging: Standard Packaging:1Piece/Bag 10Bags/Box 40Boxes/Carton
Carton Size:15.55" X 10.5" X 7.5" (39.5cm X 26.5cm X 19cm)
Carton Weight:Gross: 30kg