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Single Use Security Seals

Single Use Security Seals

Variable length seals are commonly known as "pull tight seals". This offers an instruction to the user, as a loose pull tight seal provides the opportunity of tampering to the dishonest employee. Pull tight security seals should be used on applications that do not flex excessively in transit or if they do, the tension exerted is insufficient to break the seal. Choice of material is important too depending upon your application.


Recommended uses for pull tight seals: sacks, bags, cages (including roll cages), tote boxes, polling bins, IBCs, valve cabinets, ATM cassettes, pouches, first aid kits, fire extinguishers. Generally pull tight security seals should not be used on vehicle roller-shutter or barn doors as the continuous flex when the vehicle is in motion will cause a seal under tension to break. If in doubt about the right seal for your application please contact us.