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wire security seals

wire security seals

 wire security seals are usually 'crimped' to use,sometimes employing a seal press tool that imprints text,number or logo onto a lead seal,or using hand-crimp devices such as our AmerSnap seals.The wire can be cut and the seal removed with light-gauge plier-snips or similar tool.
  Protecting your earnings and stock is of the utmost importance in any business. Numbered lead security seals can help you hold on to what you've earned as well as let you know when anyone tries to get to it. Designed with tamperers in mind, a lead security -- or pull-through -- seal is installed with wire that is manufactured to break off at certain points during removal. That means you'll be able to tell right away if anyone tries to get to whatever the seal protects. You can easily find companies online through a lead security seals list to safely transport freight, money and many other items.

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