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Plastic Truck Seal

Plastic Truck Seal

The Plastic Truck Seal is a fixed length security seal that is the most secure, reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment. Plastic Truck Seals are used heavily within the Freight & Cargo, Retail, Cash & Transit & Airline Industries. Due to its patented design, the Plastic Truck Seal is the easiest to use and the strongest plastic trailer seal available.

The patented Acetal Locking Chamber in a Plastic Truck Seal provides superior tamper resistance when compared to the locking mechanism in the Flat Metal Truck Seal. The HDPE construction allows us to produce a truck seal that works well in all weather conditions and gives us the ability to offer plastic truck seals in an array of colors. Company name and consecutive numbers are hot stamped in a contrasting color allowing for the seals to be easily read. Plastic Truck Seals are an excellent alternative to metal truck seals if you are concerned with security, safety, visibility and readability.