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container sealing

container sealing

  Airtight container sealing form according to the flange is determined,And the vessel pressure to choose.
  Container sealing machine is possible to overheat the foil causing damage to the seal layer and to any protective barriers. This could result in faulty seals, even weeks after the initial sealing process, so proper sizing of the induction sealing is vital to determine the exact system necessary to run a particular product.

 Battery Container Sealing

Main Applications: Most types of vehicle


Material: Steel lock body covered with ABS plastic; Aircraft cable of 1.8mm diameter.

Strength: More than 250kgs pull load

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Printing/Marking: Thermal stamping or laser printing company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.

Packaging: Standard Packaging: TBA

Carton Size: TBA

Carton Weight: Gross: TBA

Mainly include:

1.seal quality
2.width of sealing
4.Sealing material
5.medium nature
6.surface hydrophilic
7.The sealing oil film
8.closed structure and characteristics

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