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High security seal

High security seal

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Product Name: High Security Seal B-103

Main applications: Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.


Material: Steel pin and barrel both covered with ABS plastic.

Strength: More than 1500kgs pull load

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Printing/Marking: Engraving or laser marking company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.

Packaging: Standard Packaging: 250pcs/Carton

Carton Size: 22.8" X 13.38" X 7" (58cm X 34cm X 18cm)

Carton Weight: Gross: 19.1 kg

Our company has a strong team of experienced designers and production technicians.We carry out our work strictly according to the requirements of national GB228-87 standard , ISO9001:2000 standard and our products have gained the certificate of lots of customs approval. By far, our company has established a long , stable business relationship with dozens of worldwide famous lines and nearly 100 domestic shipping companies thanks to the high quality and the most favorable prices of our products. Facing the new global economic situation and the new future of our company , we will stick to providing the best and rapidest security services to all our dear clients and seeking much further and deeper cooperation worldwide. Looking forward to your prompt reply.

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