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Plastic Padlock Seals

Plastic Padlock Seals

 Plastic Padlock Seals:  fashionable and chic modelling, colour is rich in various delicate padlock, draws more and more businesses. Look, the market craft.

According to the current market padlock species are increasing. Besides usually used in daily life outside the door padlock, is popular with foreign locks. In addition, some high quality bags lock, drawer lock notebook locks, sales, its price, from several dollars to dozens of dollars.

Product Name: Padlock Seal PL-101

Main applications: All kinds of containers, container trucks, tank containers


Material: Lock body: ABS plastic

Perch: low carbon steel, galvanized

Strength: More than 30kgs pull load

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Printing/Marking: Thermal stamping or laser printing company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.

Packaging: Standard Packaging: TBA

Carton Size: TBA

Carton Weight: Gross: TBA

Padlock seal appearance, temperature, corrosion is good! Security is strong, clear, use convenient identification number!

 In 2006, we renamed our company into e-Sun Industrial Co., Ltd in Hong Kong, which is known as Pearl of the Orient. After years of developing, we have already set up our production plants separately in the North of China and the South of China to meet the rapid developing demands. At the same time, we established our Research & Sales Center in Guangzhou. And we have also being built a perfect company system with integration from R&D to production and marketing, which can provide various kinds of security seal products to the industry fields of railway, road, port, voyage, petroleum, chemical, electricity, post etc.

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