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Precision metal strap seals

Precision metal strap seals

Metal strap seal
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Precision metal strap seals

1. Tin plated
2. Sequential numbers
3. Indelible printing

Product Name: Metal Seals

Main applications: Containers, Trucks, Doors and others.


Material: Plated tin strip.

Strength: More than 50kgs pull load

Colors: Original

Printing/Marking: Embossing or laser marking company logo/name, series numbers。

Packaging: Standard Packaging: 1000pcs/Carton

Carton Size: 9.85" X 8.67" X 11" (25cm X 22cm X 28cm)

Carton Weight: Gross: 6.5 kg

we have also being built a perfect company system with integration from R&D to production and marketing, which can provide various kinds of security seal products to the industry fields of railway, road, port, voyage, petroleum, chemical, electricity, post etc.

Joanna Qiu