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Plastic security seal is a protective label which is used for products. When the products leave the factory, you should post the plastic security seal. So you can know that whether the products have been opened. It is in favor of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Now more and more products need the plastic security seal. Such as international standard container, door, tank car, truck, railway, electric meter box, postal parcels, seal for the bank money bag. Certainly, the market demand of plastic security seal is large.Plastic security seal container ...
rubber seal / plastic security seal / wire seal:
1.colors available;
2.sizes customized;
3.logo printed;
4.serial numbers.

aser marking standard

Serial number is printed on both the body and the bolt for enhanced security

Breaking strain up to 125 kg

Insulated for severe conditions

No tools required for application

Removal by bolt cutter

Plastic body use ABS, the wire length is 150mm.
Plastic cable seal Feb 28, 2011
An all-plastic adjustable strap seal suitable for a wide range of applications, including transport, mail, drums, etc.

Plastic cable seal
Main Applications: Roadway Containers, Trucks, Supermarkets, Bags, Boxes, Banks and Others.


Material: PP or PE.

Strength: More than 30kgs pull load

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Printing/Marking: Thermal stamping or laser printing company logo/name, series numbers, bar code.

Packaging: Standard Packaging: ...
Self Seal Plastic Bags Feb 10, 2011
Self seal plastic bags come in one of the widest arrays of options for anyone to choose from. They are considered even more comfortable than the ones with zip locks, as they seal in seconds without the hassle of aligning the zip lock. Modern factories use advanced equipment to manufacture first class plastic products that can make anyone's life a little easier. In this article, we will discuss the popular modern self seal bags in more detail. One of the most popular types is one that comes crystal-clear. These can be made from the most modern plastics, including cellophane (less durable but f ...
Often overlooked when worrying about home security, the attic can be one of the most vulnerable areas of the house. There are many reasons behind why the attic is so vulnerable to intrusions, many of which can be easily protected. The problem is that the average family does not consider securing the attic until it is far too late. More often than not the attic is left unsecured, and viewed as a place 'too difficult to gain access to anyway.' This in and of itself can lead to danger, because any thief of opportunity can easily identify a home with easy attic access. The first major step to tak ...
high security container lock seal
1.High grade A3 Steel and ABS
3. Logo serial number and bar code


Security Container Seals Lock
Model BSL-4 Security Container Seals Lock1.Application: Containers, container trucks, door2.Material HIgh grade A3 steel and ABS plastic3.Specification: 10mm diameter steel perch   The height of male and female is 80mm and 34mm separately4.Printing: Company logo or name, sequential number  Bar code is available5.Strength:>15KN6.Packaging: 500pcs/carton
  Caton specificatio ...
High security Bolt sealsCompetitive quality and best price and large capacity.The high security bolt seal is an ISO / PAS 17712 compliant high security seal. Serial numbers printed on both bady and bolt for higher security. Suitable for all kinds of containers, truck and so on.  the tensile strength reaches 19000N, which is far above ISO/PAS17712 standard.

Main applications: Containers, r ...
Steel seal Oct 20, 2010
steel seal/cable seal/lead seal:
1.all kinds of industries,truck,tank etc.
2.length can be customized for you; steel seal/cable seal/lead seal: material of the seal:-Aluminum alloy;-Free of plastic-Braid aircraft cable construction;characters:-5mm cable,length available;-Petroleu ...
Forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes. It is the process for shaping metal by using compressive forces and increasing its strength by hammering or pressing processes. Forging parts can range in weight from less than a kilogram to 170 metric tons. Forged parts usually require further processing to achieve a finished component. Forging results in metals that are stronger than cast or machined metal parts. This is because during forging the metal's grain flow changes into the shape of the part, making it stronger. Many metals are forged cold, but iron and its alloys are gneral ...
Barrier Seal Sep 19, 2010
security seal,
barrier seal
variable length seal
Breaking strain up to 125kg
Plastic body use ABS, the wire length is 150mm
Laser marking standard
Serial number is printed on both the body and the bolt for enhanced security
Insulated for severe conditions
No tools required for application
Removal by bolt cutter
Related seal products Sep 14, 2010
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wire seal,steel cable seal,high security cable seals,approved cable
seal,pull tight cable, heat seal plastic,p ...
The seal is made of solid metal with a very high cutting strength for protection against harsh tools.
The pin is marked with an "H" for High Security Seal for easy identification. The metal cylinder is covered by non-flammable PC shock proof plastic.
The world's leading manufacturer of high security container seals specialized in bolt seals, container locks, cable seals.
Bolt seals are high-strength security seals used on shipping containers, railroad and air freight containers. The solid metal core head and a locking cylinder that is encased in shock proof plastic makes for a hig ...
Metal bellows mechanical seals feature a bellows core made of one of several types of bellows.  The most common are AM350 and  Hastelloy C.Usually with Stainless Steel end fittings permits these mechanical seals to be used for services beyond the range of mechanical seals with synthetic rubber sealing members.
Metal bellows mechanical seals are also made into single and double cartridge configurations.

Main applications: Containers, Trucks, Doors and others.
Material: Plated tin strip.
Strength: More than 50kgs pull lo ...
Plastic truck security seals:Consecutive Numbering,hot stamped with 'SECURED',for custom logo and serial number print.
500 Red Truck Security Seals For Trailers
Each Fixed Length Seal Is One Piece Of Durable All Weather Resistant Plastic
Each Seal Is Individually Numbered With Bright White Numbering To Protect Your Load,Locks Into Place,Tamper Resistant,used To Guarantee Your Cargo Is Not Tampered With
The high security truck seal is used on rail cars, hopper cars and truck trailer doors as it is easier to cut and it is flexible to put through the holes on the doors.
High securi ...
Bottle Security Seals Aug 15, 2010
Seal membrane Used for Bottle Security Seals,which has strong bottle seals quality.Any normal thickness and width avail.
All the products provided by e-Sun meet the ISO PAS 17712 international standard. And our products mainly sell to Europe,the Americas,Africa,the Middle East,Central Asia,Southeast Asia etc.Our company always adhere the working attitude "Being professional because of focus".We all work hard and make unremitting efforts together to accomplish the mission "To be the most professional supplier of security seals".

Main Applications: Roadway Containers, Trucks, Supermark ...
Bolt Lock Seals Aug 8, 2010
bolt lock seals
Some refrigerated containers have closure rings in the bottom part of the central bar, in the ground hooking Container seals: security seals bolt lock type. Sealing devices policarbonated body and metallic bolt.
Dead bolt locks are separate from the locking mechanism found in most door knobs. A deadbolt is often activated by turning a separate knob or using a key. When you operate a deadbolt a solid steel latch - often one inch long - exits the edge of the door and passes into the door jamb. These locks - as you might expect - come in many different styles and levels of q ...
If you do not have a cement area already, The high security trailer seals can be shipped to you with special "J" bolts to sink into wet concrete.See how easy it is by stepping through our Directions for pouring a new concrete base.
We e-Sun Industrial Co., Ltd. (previous name Wenzhou e-Sun Container Accessories Co., Ltd) are one professional supplier of high security seals in China since 2003.

Product Name:High Security Seal B-105
Main applications: Containers, railway cars, truck trailers.
Material:Steel pin and b ...
  High security plastic truck seals have helped following the events of 9/11,it was apparent that border protection needed to be tightened since cargo containers entering and leaving U.S. borders became higher risks to terrorist attacks than ever before. We are the world leading manufacturer of plastic Truck seals, tamper indicating locking devices and metering-related products. For 130 years, our innovative products have been used by a diverse number of industries to safeguard their revenue and assets.Let Brooks protect your assets with our security plastic truck seals.
  truck s ...
Lead meter seal Jul 22, 2010
lead meter seals can be used to attach valve tags the tamper proof way!  Each seal is 10" long.  Available with copper or stainless steel wires.
lead meter seal,meter seal,Lead Seal:
a) High tensile strength;
b) Easy to use;
c) Sunlight resistant;
d) Indelible printing

a) High tensile strength;
b) Easy to use;
c) Sunlight resistant;
d) High quality with reasonable price;
e) Laser engraved or heat stamp serial numbers and name clearly;
Product Name:MS-101 Meter Seal
Main applications:Drums,hopers,medical cabinets,switches,valves, ...
Container Seals Jul 19, 2010
The world's leading manufacturer of high security
container seals specialized in bolt seals, barrierseals,container seals,cable seals.
Super flexible high security container seal in metal. The bolt of the seal has a 5 mm soft wire embedded - making it flexible and resistible to any harsh tool.
The pin is coated with plastic and marked with an "H" for High Security Seal for easy identification. The patented Anti-Spin feature ensures that the pin with its 4 "fins" prevents friction attacks. The metal cylinder is covered by non-flammable PC shock proof plastic.

Product Des ...